Originated by Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery unless otherwise noted


29 November - 23 December

F.A.S.S. 2018

8 September - 18 November


Christi Belcourt, Maria Hupfield, Ursula Johnson, Tania Willard, and Laakkuluk Williamson-Bathory

a production of grunt gallery

9 June - 5 August

David Campion and Sandra Shields: Grand Theft Terra Firma

organised and circulated by The Reach Gallery, Abbotsford, BC


7 April - 27 May

The Closer Together Things Are

Group show


13 January - 25 March

Amin Rehman: Other Histories

Mixed media



9 September - 12 November
Steve Wadden: Forged
Paul Wong: Patti & Lawrence

14 January - 9 April
Lorraine Field: Alas, A Visual Lament

22 April - 4 June
tell me where to go: works from the permanent collection
Curator: Julia McMillan

17 June - 30 July
AgitProp: Soviet Propaganda 1905-1945
Curators: Emily Davidson & Nicole Marcoux


16 January - 20 March
Hank Bull: Connexion
Produced by: Confederation Centre Art Gallery
Curators: Joni Law & Pan Wendt
Sculptural Installation

2 April - 29 May
Leya Evelyn: It's Not What You Think

11 June - 31 July
Disoriented: Works from the Permanent Collection
Group show

10 September - 20 November
Rachel Beach: Mid-Sentence
Produced  in partnership with Confederation Centre Art Gallery
Main Gallery
Sculpture, Painting

10 September - 20 November
Daniel Hutchinson: Bright Black
Side Gallery

1 December - 16 December
F.A.S.S. 2016  
SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 37th Annual - Group Show




10 January - 8 March
Mathew Reichertz: Garbage
Side Gallery Project: Emily Davidson: XO Planet

21 March - 17 May 2015
Dorothy Caldwell: Silent Ice | Deep Patience
Organized in partnership with the Art Gallery of Peterborough and Idea Exchange

30 May - 2 August 2015
Patrick Traer: A Survey
Sculpture, textiles

12 September - 15 November 2015
L'Acadie Mythique
Curated by Harlan Johnson

26 November - 17 December 2015
SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 36th Annual - Group Show

11- January - 9 March
Rose Adams: Birds, Bones, Brains

22 March - 18 May
Beat Nation: Art, Hip Hop and Aboriginal Culture
Organised and circulated by Vancouver Art Gallery
Painting, sculpture, installation, performance, textiles, and graffiti

7 June - 3 August
Ursula Johnson: Mi'kwite'tmn (Do You Remember)
Basketmaking, sculptures, performance

23 August - 5 October
David R. Harper: Entre le chien et le loup
Organised by the Doris McCarthy Gallery  in partnership with the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Saint Mary's University Art Gallery and Kenderdine Art Gallery.
Sculpture, embroidery, video, and textiles.

17 October - 30 November
Camp Fires: The Queer Baroque of Léopold L. Foulem, Paul Mathieu, and Richard Milette.
Curated by Robin Metcalfe
Organised and circulated by the Gardiner Museum 

 4 to 17 December 2014
SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 35th Annual - Group Show
Each year Saint Mary's University Art Gallery invites Saint Mary's affiliated artists to submit their work for a group show.

12 January - 10 March
Lost Horizon: Landscape by Other Means: Work from the Permanent Collection
Painting, prints, sculpture, textiles

23 March - 26 May
Jinny Yu and Don Andrus: Cadenza 
Organised and circulated by the Confederation Centre Art Gallery
Painting and video (Jinny Yu)

8 June - 28 July
Motion Activated: Veronique MacKenzie, Lukas Pearse and Susan Tooke
Video projections with motion activated component, large hanging drawings on film, dance

27 August - 6 October
Entangled Particles: Four Contemporary Chinese Artists
Lin Jingjing, Wang Sishun, Wu Junyong, Xiao Yu
Tree sculptures, installation and performance, video, sculpture

19 October - 1 December
Obsolence and Inscription: Robert Bean/Ilan Sandler

6 December - 18 December
F.SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 34th Annual - Group Show 
Mixed media

7 Jan – 4 March
Jaqueline Riemer, Six Low-Cast Maidens in Search of a Porch, (main)
Scultpture installation consisting of sonotubes and wax figures
Quintet, A Conversation in Design, (side)(w/George Brown College, five artists)

17 March -13 May
Jeannie Thib, Hyperflat
Sculpture installations, various materials including rubber, felt and glass

25 May-29 July
Alexandra McCurdy, The Fabric of Clay, (main) Curator: Gloria Hickey.Burlington Art Centre
Lorenzen Pottery: 50 Years in the Making (side) Curator: Victor Owen, SMU

25 August -7 October
Ehryn Torrell: Self Similar

20 October – 2 December
Kai Chan: A Spider’s Logic, Textile Museum of Canada & Varley Art Gallery
Textile sculpture, included hundreds of holes drilled and blades of grass strung with bead inserted into hole.

6 December -19 December
SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 33rd Annual - Group Show (36 artists), spotlight: ReiMei Chung
Mixed Media

8 January - 6 February
Douglas Gordon, Play Dead; Real Time, (main) National Gallery of Canada
Life size video installation
Suzanne Caines, Spaces of Places, Artist-In-Residence (side)
Video, paint, construction, installation with performance component

12 February - 27 February
Douglas Gordon & Philippe Parreno, ZIDANE: a 21st Century Portrait, (main) NGCanada
Floor to ceiling video with sound
Robin Peck, Shallow Podium, (side)

2 March - 6 March
Eileen Meagher, Permanent Collection
Mixed Media

19 March - 8 May
Traffic: Conceptual Art in Canada 1965-1980, (4 regional curators)
Mixed media, including synchronized slide projector video

21 May - 24 July
Irene Avaalaaqiaq: Myth and Reality, (main) Macdonald Stewart Art Centre
Silence & Memory: The Lost Bells of Europe, (side)
Plaster casts

18-20 August
Eye On The Enlightenment: Photographs of John Cooper Robinson: Japan/Asia 1888-1926 Photographs

27 August - 9 October
Micah Lexier, Kelly Mark, Head 2 Head,
Mixed Media, including neon, sculpture, large scale lettering

15 October - 27 November
Larry Glawson: 27 X Doug (main)
Portraits, Photography, video
Suzanne Swannie:, White Canvasses, (side)

1 December - 14 December
SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 32nd Annual - Group Show (27 artists), spotlight: Adam Myatt
Mixed media

9 January - 21 February
Pulp Fiction, Museum London
Multiple artists, mixed media, including sculpture, car hoods, large textiles, video

6 March - 11 April
Nina Levitt: Little Breeze
Installation, mixed media, including free standing rear projection screen constructed in gallery

1 May-6 June
Signal Cascade: Exhibition & Concerts
Mixed media, including ephemera related to Upstream, musical performance

12 June - 1 August
People Like Us: The Gossip of Colin Campbell, Oakville Galleries
Multiple videos, projection and monitor, with sound

28 August - 3 October
Scott Saunders: Grand Lodge, Artist-In-Residence,
Installation, included 100 plus old doors free standing to create walls and other material brought in from old Masonic temple

16 October - 28 November
Kent Monkman: The Triumph of Mischief
Mixed media, including two teepees and huge floor to ceiling paintings, video

7 – 19  December
SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 31st Annual - Group Show (46 artists), spotlight: Najma Sharif
Mixed media

10 January - 22 February
Doug Guildford: Between the Tides
Textile sculpture

7 March - 11 April
Matt Wedel (self-titled) (main)
Large scale ceramic sculpture
Mary-Anne Wensley, inescapable shelter, (side)
Installation of small house made out of pig intestine

2 May-14 June
Nicolas Baier, Pareidolias, National Gallery of Canada
Photography based, mounted on metal & glass

27 June-2 August
Vessna Perunovich: Emblems of the Enigma (curated by Donald Brackett)
Mixed media installation, including bedframe and red tights, video

5 September - 11 October
Lorraine Field: Vanishing Point

17 October - 22 November
Sara Angelucci: Somewhere In Between, Cambridge Galleries
Mixed media, including large photo grid, small object projection

27 November - 13 December
SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 30th Annual - Group Show (37 artists), spotlight: Julius Zarand

12 January - 2 March
Kate Wilson: Microbial Baroque - Drawing, Painting, main gallery
Brandon Vickerd: Bionic Forest - Sculpture, side gallery

8 March - 13 April
Mitch Robertson 567: Economies of Good & Evil, Plug In, Winnipeg & Oakville Galleries
Mixed media

26 April -15 June
Burrow, Oakville Galleries
Four artists, mixed media, installation, including a cement block bunker constructed in the gallery

28 June-3 August
Andrew Forster: Duet/Trio/Quartet
Mixed media, including floor to ceiling textile, live video feed from security cameras

6 September - 12 October
Euan Macdonald: (everythinghappensatonce), Doris McCarthy Gallery
Mixed media, including video projections

18 October - 23 November
Susan Dobson: Temporary Architectures, (main) Photography
Allan Chawner & Andrew Chubb: Bar Beach, Beyond the Sea
(side) Three channel video

27 November - 14 December
SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 29th Annual - Group Show (39 artists)

17 - 19 December
Gerard Choy: One Ton of Won Ton Bowls
Sculpture, made up of one ton of small plaster bowls

13 Jan – 18 Mar: Peter Dykhuis:: You Are Here, Installation

20 April - 27 May: Sylvain Bouthillette: Dharma Bum

2 Jun – 29 Jul: Burning Rubber, Mixed Media

8 Sep – 7 Oct: 18 Illuminations, Mixed Media, (co-curated by Carla Garnet & Corinna Ghaznavi), Tom Thomson Art Gallery

20 Oct – 25 Nov, Léopold Foulem: Récupération, Sculpture

30 Nov-16 Dec: SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 28th Annual - Group Show

14 Jan – 19 Feb: The Idea Of North, Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir, Ragnar Kjartansson, Sirra Sigrun Sigurdardóttir, Erling T.V. Klingenberg,, Maia Urstad, With Dalhousie Art Gallery and Eyelevel Gallery, Sound Installation

4 Mar – 19 Apr: Monika Napier: mad, mad, mad, mad world, Kenderdine Art Gallery, Sculpture

22 April – 11 June: Sight Unseen: Works from the Permanent Collection, (curator: David Court) Mixed Media

17 Jun – 31 Jul: To A Watery Grave (guest curator: Andrew Hunter)

2 Sep – 15 Oct: Camille Zakharia: Division Lines

21 Oct – 26 Nov: Inhabiting: the Work of Isabelle Hayeur, Oakville Art Galleries, Digital prints

21 Oct – 26 Nov: Laura Calvi: Manœuvres and Voices on a Hot Tin Roof, Installation

30 Nov – 17 Dec SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 27th Annual - Group Show

8 Jan – 20 Feb: Bev Pike: Hysteria Chronicles, Painting

8 Jan – 20 Feb: Lucy Pullen: Double Meandering Line Drawings and The Thing, Drawing, Sculpture

26 Feb – 9 Apr: Suzanne Funnell: Step lift Pivot All Of Your Enemies Will Die (Cont’d), Paintings

26 Feb – 9 Apr: Sheila Provazza: In The Sweet By And By (A Panorama)

23 Apr – 12 Jun: Indefinite Space, Ron Shuebrook, Bruce Taylor, Drawings

23 Apr – 12 Jun: Rudi Meyer: Quotes And Receipts Mainly From Japan, Prints

18 Jun – 31 Jul: Marlene Creates: Signs Of Our Time, Photography

18 Jun – 31 Jul: Maritime Art: Canada’s First Art Magazine, Magazines, Paintings National Gallery of Canada

27 Aug – 30 Sep: Cathy Busby: SORRY, Photo-Installation

27 Aug – 30 Sep: Leah Modigliani: The Great One

7-16 October: RBC Canadian Painting Competition, RBC/Canadian Art Foundation

7 Oct – 20 Nov: Ilan Sandler: The Three Senses and Table Talk, Sculpture, Drawings

24 Nov – 14 Dec: SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 26th Annual - Group Show

10 Jan – 29 Feb: First Son, Portraits by C.D.Hoy, Photography, Presentation House

6 Mar – 18 Apr: Dan O’Neill: Viewer Discretion, Printmaking

24 Apr – 6 Jun: Ed Pien: Tracing Night, Sculpture & Drawings

24 Apr – 6 Jun: Susie Major, Small Wars, Mixed Media

12 Jun – 11 Jul: Summer Session, Works from the Permanent Collection

31 Jul – 11 Sep: Étoiles. Art de la Baie Sainte – Marie, Marcelle Belliveau, Joe Bengivenni, Claude Chaloux, Denise Comeau, Nyna Cropas, Francois Gaudet

2 Oct – 21 Nov: Exhibit A: Photography from Atlantic Canada, Scott Conarroe,

Marlene Creates, Lorrane Fields, John Haney, Thaddeus Holownia, Steve Payne, Paulette Phillips, Ned Pratt, Scott Walden

2 Oct – 21 Nov: Blur New Work by Tashia Friesen & Kim Waldron

25 Nov – 12 Dec: SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 25th Annual - Group Show

10 Jan – 16 Feb: Gerard Choy: One Ton of Won Ton Bowls, Sculpture

10 Jan – 16 Feb: Pierre Bruneau: View from my window, Installation

7 Mar – 13 Apr: Janet Cardiff: Forty-Part Mortet, National Gallery of Canada

26 Apr – 1 Jun: Wall Works, Steve Fleury, Andreas Guibert, Sara Hartland-Rowe, Steve Higgins, John Kennedy, Stephen Moore, Sook He Park, Alex Pincock,

The Drawing Club, CA Swintack, Susan Wood

13 Jun – 27 Jul: 3 x 3, Carl Andre, Dan Flavin, Donald Judd, National Gallery of Canada, Sculpture

26 Aug – 5 Oct: Kim Adams: Sculpture, Models and Drawings

17 Oct – 23 Nov: Gerald Ferguson: Drop Cloth Paintings

27 Nov – 14 Dec: SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 24th Annual - Group Show


11 Jan – 17 Feb: Along Time: 168 Drawings by Pat Rapati

11 Jan – 17 Feb: Lauren Schaffer: Electric Sunset, Installation

1 Mar – 7 Apr: Seeing Things: The painting of Gary Evans, Paintings

20 Ap – 16 Jun: Tracey Moffatt: Photographs, Selected Films and Videos

27 Aug – 20 Oct: Saint Mary’s 200th Anniversary Exhibition, Mixed Media

26 Oct – 24 Nov: Posers. Greg Denton, Eliza Griffiths, Anne-Marie Kornachuk,

Tony Scherman, Marion Wagschal, Janet Werner, Paintings

28 Nov – 15 Dec: SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 23rd Annual - Group Show

12 Jan – 25 Feb: Vanitas (guest curator Donna Wawzonek), Louis Joncas, Phillip McCrum, Claude Perreault, Mixed Media

12 Jan – 25 Feb: Eric Walker: On Trains and Going, Mixed Media

19 Mar – 22 Apr: Heather MacLeod: Frontier, Photography

19 Mar – 22 Apr: Sugar: Linda Bartlett, Alexandria Flood, Mixed Media

11 May – 24 Jun: Painting Zero Degree (guest curator Carlos Basualdo) Daniel Buren, Fabio Kacero, Clay Ketter, Peter Kogler, John McCracken, Felipe Mujica, Gladys Nistor, Robert Ryman, Karin Sander, Adrian Schiess, Pablo Siquier, Sophie Smallhorn, Rudolf Stingel, Niele Toroni

24 Aug – 30 Sep: Above and Below: Glen MacKinnon, Catherine Ross

10 Oct – 18 Nov: Contemporary Stories: New Cuban Photography, Juan Carlos Alom, Raul Canibano, Ricardo Elias, Alejandro Gonzalez, Eduardo Hernandez, Cristobal Herrera, Cirenaica Moreira, Antonio Nunez, Rene Pena

28 Nov – 16 Dec: SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 22nd Annual - Group Show

15 Jan – 13 Feb: Sorrowful Images: Early Netherlandish Diptychs, Paintings

15 Jan – 13 Feb: Thaddeus Holownia: Extended Vision, Photography

18 Feb – 19 Mar: Gerard Collins: Factory Paintings and Black Velvet Paintings

18 Feb – 19 Mar: Neil Forrest: Hiving Mesh, Installation

31 Mar – 7 May: Sarah Maloney: Corpus, Textiles

31 Mar – 7 May: Renee Forrestall: Medial/Lateral, Paintings

7 Jul – 27 Aug: Contemporary Hong Kong Art (part of HX), Ho Siu Kee, Hung Keung, Ellen Pau, So Hing Keung, James Womg

10 Oct –12 Nov: Desire, Greg Forrest, Laureen Schaffer, Colleen Wolstenholme, Mixed Media

8 Jan – 14 Feb: Joan McNeil: Brickworks, Sculpture

8 Jan – 14 Feb: Catherine Beaudette: Tableau, Paintings

19 Feb – 21 Mar: Gauguin to Toulouse-Lautrec: French Prints of the 1890s

26 Mar – 25 Apr: Davis Miller: Collecting Shadows, Photography

26 Mar – 25 Apr: Pat Sollows: Memory, the Triage of Child’s Play

April – Inukshuk, Sculpture

7 May – 6 Jun: Kent Senecal: Hyper Jumble, Paintings

7 May – 6 Jun: Jane Mothersell: Crowded, Paintings

18 Jun – 25 Jul: Warrant, Rachel Beach, Ada Chrisholm, David Diviney, Chris Faulkenberg, Chris Garrison, Neill Hall, Mike Lewis, Amanda Shoppel, Chad Silver, Gwendolin Winchester

16 Sep – 10 Oct: Leighton Davis: Circles of Stones, Paintings

16 Sep – 10 Oct: Helen Sadler: Paintings, Paintings

15 October: Autumn Gold: Exhibition & Sale of Contemporary Nova Scotian

19 Nov – 17 Dec: SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 20th Annual - Group Show

28 Jan – 1 Mar: Miryajima: Thousand Road, Installation

4-29 March: Manifest, Dennis Gill, John Geer, Thierry Delva, Sculpture

19 Oct – 1 Nov: Selections from the Permanent Collection, Paintings

6 Nov – 6 Dec: Aba Bayefsky: Reflections on the Holocaust, Drawing

6 Nov – 6 Dec: SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 19th Annual - Group Show

19 Feb – 24 Mar: Alliances: The Family, Photography

9 Apr – 18 May: Indie 500: Lucy Pullen and Mitchell Wiebe, Mixed Media

3 Sep – 5 Oct: Permanent Collection, Paintings

15 Oct – 16 Nov: Carl Zimmerman: Lost Hamilton Landmarks and Fields of Heaven, Installation

1-16 November: Manga: The Comic Book, Harold McGee, Installation

21 Nov – 12 Dec: SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 18th Annual - Group Show

January/February: Sandra Brownlee; Weaving Out Loud, Museum for Textiles

February/March: Micah Lexier: Together by Circumstance, Installation

March/April: Barbara Berry and Terri Robin Vernon: Painting as Spirit, Oil Paintings

May/June: Anthony Law and Jane Shaw: 60 Years Painting from Nature

Sep/Oct: M.C. Escher: Landscapes to Mindscapes, National Gallery of Canada

Sep/Oct: Ukiyoe: Revealing the Japanese Heart Mind, Japanese Woodcuts

Oct/Nov: Text as Visual Object ,Buseje Bailey, Robert Bean, Peter Dykhuis, Moritz Gaede, Shaun Gough, Garry Neill Kennedy, Teresa Marshall, Claire Paquet and Suzanne Paquet, and Ron Wakarry

November: SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 17th Annual - Group Show

January: SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 15th Annual - Group Show

February/March: The Dance of Death, Prints, National Gallery of Canada

March/April: Charlotte Wilson-Hammond: Intimate Communion

May/June: Collective Viewing: Selections: Art Bank of Nova Scotia, 1975-1995

Sep/Oct: Nelly Beveridge Gray:, Mixed Media

Rei-Mei Beaupré:Japanese Watercolour

October: David Askevold and Chris Woods: Don’t Eat Crow & Point of Access, video

Oct/Nov: Mark Ruwedel: The Navigator Has Safely Landed in the New World, Photography, Jaclyn Shoub: Boys of Summer, Mixed Media

December: SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 16th Annual - Group Show

7 - 23 January: SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 14th Annual - Group Show

2 February - 6 March: New Directions: French Photography - Photography, Group Show

9 March - 9 April: Cris Cran: Faces - Painting

13 April - 22 May: J. J. Lee, Sara MacCulloch, Marcus Jones: In the Absence - Painting, Sculpture, Group Show

31 May - 12 June: C.Q.A: Quilts Across Canada: National Juried Show - Textile, Mayflower Quilters

Sep/Oct: Ron Huebner: The Greyhound Series

October: Sculpture Expo 94 City Center Mall

Nov/Dec: Laura Millard: Transparent Terrain - Installation

January: Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff, 13th Annual Italian Exhibition, C.A. Law, Jane B Shaw

February/March: A Visionary Gaze: In Memorian Carol Hoorn Fraser

April/May: Denis Gill - Then and Now, Sculpture

May: Special Exhibition: Jane Shaw Law, Honorary Degree

May/June: Terry Graff - Ecotopia: The Season of Return, Installation

8 September - 10 October: Andrea Ward: Memories Within Skin - Video Installation, SMU AG & Memorial University AG

20 October - 5 December: Mary Cassatt: Colour Prints: The Drummond Bequest - Colour Prints, National Gallery of Canada

January: SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 12th Annual - Group Show

February/March: Cliff Eyland: The 100,000 Names of Art - Paintings

April/May: Luc A. Charette: Installations and Other Works

May: Special Exhibition, Nelly B. Gray - Honorary Degree

May/June: David Johnson, Kit Clark: Tri:Objects & Drawings  

Sep/Oct: Thelma Pepper: Decades of Voices - Photography, Photographer's Gallery

Nov/Dec: Grant McConnell: Tales of Dominion - Paintings, Mendel Art Gallery

8 - 27 January: SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 11th Annual - Group Show

7 February - 17 March: Honor Kever: Along the Way - Photography, Mendel Art Gallery

April/May: Joelle Morosoli: Pieces/Pieges - Installation

May/June: A Selection of Sculpture by Women, C. C., Art Bank

Sep/Oct: Richard Robertson: Akibat - Installation

Nov/Dec: Dorrit Yacoby: Paintings from Israel

January: SMU Faculty, Alumni, Student and Staff: F.A.S.S. 10th Annual  - Group Show

February/March: Daniel Dugas: Caruso - Installation, Sculpture

March/April: Kristen Scholfield-Sweet: Mythology - Installation

May/June: Chris Woods: Afflictions and Cures - Drawings

18 September - 21 October: Artifacts and Rubbings from Ancient Carvings: Pre-Columbian - Nelly B. Gray Collection

6 November - 16 December: John Greer: Never the Same After Words - Sculpture